Expect The Unexpected

by elizabethbrantley

Expecting the Unexpected

What if today is the day you meet the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with? 

What if today is the day when you discover the answer to that nagging question that has weighed on you for years?

What if today is the day when you get what you have been asking for months, years, or perhaps, even, your whole life?

What if today is fun, exhilarating, beautiful and brilliant?

What if today is the best day of your life, yet?


Today, we are expecting the unexpected. There is magic and excitement when we repeat to ourselves this phrase, “I expect the unexpected ” and our mind automatically begins to think of the many different things we consider unexpected and “too good to be true”.

Perhaps today is a day when you get flowers. Or maybe its a day when you get a raise, a check in the mail, a compliment on your creative endeavors or a long-lost friend calling you up to say they are thinking of you.

How many good things are there that we are not expecting? The answer is endless! There is always good that is not in the forefront of our minds. Can we expect this unexpected good? Can we, in the morning, wake up with this expectancy coursing through our veins giving us extra pep and excitement throughout the day?

The truth is that one day will be the day when you meet your true love or have some unbelievable good happen to you . Chances are you will wake up normally, brush your teeth, eat your breakfast, in the same monotonous way you always do – yet little did you know that someone or something is coming into your life to change it forever that very day.

The days of momentous, stupendous and happy occurences usually always start normally!

This gives us cause to be excited every morning.

I have a great tradition and ritual with this that has worked particularly well with love. Before getting out of bed every morning, I would think to myself these thoughts found above. I would say, “What if?” “Could today be the day?” I would be so excited with the potential before me that I was eager to greet the day! Sure enough, each of these “normal” days was filled with small or big happy surprises!

This ritual allows me every morning to acknowledge the contract I have with Life. This agreement says, “Life, I will show up, expecting the best from you, if you guarantee you will show up and play, too!”

By expecting our unexpected good we are opening the door for Life to come in and shower us with the staggering good meant just for us.

Expecting our unexpected good allows us to live in accordance with our belief that nothing is too good to be true, especially in this very day.