Life Has A Crush On You!

by elizabethbrantley

June 12, 2010

Life Has A Crush On You!

Welcome to this new site and a new perspective. The purpose of this blog is to help us all remember in the small moments, in the hard moments and in every moment that we are in a consistent and constant relationship with Life – yes, that’s Life is a capital “L”.

What does this mean and entail? It means that like any relationship you can expect dialogue, presents, surprise love notes, encouragement and more growth than you have ever imagined.

This philosophy started around 6 years ago, when my good friend Catherine and I were working at a summer camp and needed to regain some energy and excitement that the sun and working 16 hour days had depleted from us. As I lay in bed one night brainstorming of ways to get energy without eating or drinking caffeine, it dawned on me. Unlike any other time in my life, if someone was around me that had a crush on me, and I had a crush on them, I got energy!

I can’t explain this, but I can prove it. Just thinking of it now, fills me with tingling excitement! I imagine you have had this too. It could have been a time when that person you were sure never even noticed you said hello and used your name. Or perhaps it was the time when you were sure the most attractive person you had ever seen was actually staring at you. It’s the energy of when you get flowers by surprise, or a small note asking you for a date.

Yes, it’s that energy, that love and that excitement that this blog is intended to incite in you! For it is with this excitement and flooding of energy that then we are  propelling ourselves into lives to be marveled at. I can see clearly how my romantic and personal life was blown open when I started in on this relationship with Life. It has produced miracle after miracle and many experiences that I would consider to be “too good to be true”.

Since I have begun living this way, it has been my hope and dream to share these insights and my enthusiasm with as many friends and others that I know. Thus, I offer you this blog and space to share and get excited together.

Over the past three months I have compiled 52 exercises that I have practiced as I started being in love with Life. These exercises have brought me closer to myself and others, as well as, the life I had always dreamed of living. I hope to share these with you, along with other daily insights that can hopefully sprinkle some joy into your life.

Thank you for your time and excitement as we begin to live again, as I believe we are meant to- fully, excitedly, wildly and head over heels in love with Life.

Life has a crush on you! And nothing could be more exciting!

With Love,